• Airtight Savings. Airtight Comfort
  • Eliminates Hot/Cold rooms
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Eco friendly Sealant
  • Reduce Energy Usage
  • You’ll be a small part of a bigger solution
  • Energy Efficiency

Aeroseal, a breakthrough technology developed at Berkeley National Laboratory that is 95% effective at sealing air duct leaks – a major source of energy loss that plagues 90 percent of homes and buildings in the U.S. today.

 According to independent studies, 20% to 40% of heating and cooling air in residential homes is lost through leaky duct. Aeroseal seals these leaks through a unique process that locates and seals leaks from the inside of the duct system. Aeroseal’s impact on reducing home energy loss is so significant that it has been rated the single most effective means for increasing home energy efficiency – more than upgrading windows, insulating the attic or even replacing heating and cooling equipment.

 “We looked at a variety of options for providing a solution to homeowners to correct problems like hot or cold rooms, high energy bills, energy efficiency and the ability to solve indoor air quality issues. Until the development of the Aeroseal technology, solving those issues were either impossible or was not cost effective for the homeowner, said Keith King, President Atlantic Duct Sealing. “We estimate that the average homeowner in our market could save about $1200/year on their energy bills, plus get the instant comfort and indoor air quality benefits.”

Before Aeroseal technology, leaky ducts could only be sealed using taping or applying a compound directly to each leak. In contrast, Aeroseal is applied as a non-toxic fog that travels throughout a home’s entire duct system.  The fog particles begin to collect around the leaks until they create a permanent airtight seal.

 “It’s kind of like Fix-A-Flat for your heating and cooling system,” said Atlantic Duct Sealing’s Keith King. “Since it works from the inside of your duct work, it easily fixes all leaks – even those hidden behind walls and under insulation. The entire process usually takes us just a few hours to complete and the results are immediate.”

 Aeroseal was selected as Popular Science’s “Invention of the Year” in 1996 and was recently named to the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Top 100 Inventions” of the last 23 years, and This Old House 2011 “Best New Product Award”. The technology was recently acquired by Aeroseal LLC., a company dedicated to making the technology available to home owners throughout the United States. 

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