Aeroseal Duct Sealing saves you Money by sealing your Duct Leaks from the Inside

Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a patented breakthrough technology that tackles leaks from the inside out. Aeroseal software allows the technician to accurately measure the duct leakage in residential homes and commercial buildings. The Aeroseal process puts escaping air under pressure and causes polymer particles to stick first to the edges of a leak, then to each other until the leak is closed.

Sealing the air duct system in your entire home typically takes only 4-8 hours. You’ll immediately receive energy savings and a noticeable improvement in home comfort. The duct system sealing process in commercial building depends on the leakage in the duct work and specific air flow or ventilation problem.

Over 90% of existing buildings located throughout North America have air duct systems that contain small holes and cracks that reduce the level of comfort and increase heating and cooling costs.

The Aeroseal air duct leak sealing system effectively seals residential homes and commercial building’s ductwork from the inside by using a UL tested and approved sealing material. It’s clean, safe, and guaranteed for 10 years in residential application.

Aeroseal Nova Scotia makes your space a healthy space

Is your home dusty or does it smell when the furnace or AC comes on?

These could very well be caused by leaky ductwork. Losing heat through leaks is only part of the problem. Air could be getting sucked in from the attic or crawl spaces, in fact anywhere that it runs!

Aeroseal Nova Scotia can make your home a comfortable home

Duct leaks are usually the root cause of three problems:

  • Uneven heating or cooling(room to room)
  • Excessiveley high energy bills
  • Poor indoor air quality (ducts/allergies)

If you have rooms that never seem to get hot in the winter or cool in the summe, Aeroseal is most likely the answer to your problem.

You can actually watch the results happen as leaks get filled. Aeroseal Nova Scotia gives you a printout of results immediately following the process and it completely safe. In fact Aeroseal has been used in schools and hospitals.